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With an unparalleled fleet of equipment, NEEC provides safe and cost effective means of transporting large and heavy objects.

NEEC’s modern fleet of heavy transport equipment is unique in the range and capacity, including everything from conventional trailers and barges to skidding systems and self-propelled modular transporters. With the specifics of each load to take into account, customized solutions are sometimes required, and NEEC’s skilled operators  frequently adapt existing systems to meet new challenges as components, modules and equipment grow in size and complexity.

To ensure the same high standards of quality, safety and reliability on every job we undertake, NEEC operates a state-of-the-art fleet of equipment such as Mack and Mafi. Advanced diagnostic tests are used to identify potential issues before they occur, giving our clients added peace of mind.

Our operators carry out extensive route planning, identify bottlenecks and contingencies, manage interfaces between modes of transport, and handle local transport permits as well as border crossings as part of our heavy transport logistical services.

By shortening the timeline of transport operations, and executing the logistics safely and on schedule, our client’s vital components reach their destination on time - achieving maximum uptime for the project.


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